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Our founder Ashok Ramchandani “Ram” as he was known by his customers who became friends always knew that he was made for the clothing business. A patient man who would go out his way to help a perfect stranger. He started out traveling from Hong Kong to the United States, going up and down the Northeast selling custom made clothing. He would spend three months at a time and travel from Maine to Georgia. Setting up in hotels with customers coming in by appointment to take care of their clothing needs.


Since we opened our first store in Waterbury CT in the mid seventies. Ramani’s has been focused on providing well tailored clothing to the discerning customers of our communities, starting with strictly custom made clothing from Hong Kong. At the time this was one of the biggest bargains in the menswear industry. To this day we still do custom made shirts and suits from Hong Kong. A customer can come in with an image of what he would like and we can make it just the way he imagined, right down to the exact distance between the stripes in his suit, or what color Bemberg lining he would like inside his suit.


As our menswear business grew we also changed to carrying more and more “ready made” clothing. Clothing that is pre made and then tailored to fit the body. Today ninety percent of our business is ready to wear clothing. There is such a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and sizes available today that most customers find what they are looking for in our vast inventories.



Today Ram’s three sons have followed in their dad into the clothing business each has a store in Connecticut:
Waterbury, Meriden, and Middletown.


Being introduced to the clothing business at a young age all three have learned all about men’s clothing and the nuances of tailoring from their father. This second generation business is run the same way Ram ran his business. Treat customers with respect and give them what they want at a fair price.

Steve, David, and Michael are always in the stores, these three young veterans of the clothing business have worked closely with their father in the business for more than twenty years. So they have seen the clothing business change and mold into what it is today. The merchandise in the stores are all hand picked by them, for their respective stores. So when your in take advantage of their expertise in the menswear industry.

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