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An important part of any well fitting garment is the alterations done to make it contour your shape. For men that may include taking in the sides of a jacket to give it a more modern fit or shortening the sleeves of a jacket so it looks like your suit and not just one you borrowed from a friend. Clothes that are ill fitting will make you look sloppy and very ordinary. When a garment is tailored to fit, anyone can see the difference. It will make you look taller, thinner and of course more appealing to others.


We have professional Tailors in all of our locations. We will tailor garment purchased in the store or your own garments. We have tailors to do men’s clothing and seamstresses to alter ladies clothing including gowns and prom dresses. Bridal shops charge 3 times the price and take forever. All alterations are done in house for a quick turn around.


Leather is a material that many tailors will not attempt to alter. We have special equipment that allows us to alter all leather items such as coats, pants, and bags.


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