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Suits & Sports Coats

Ramani’s Clothiers carries the largest selection of suits in the State, our selection is so vast that you would have to go to three or four mens stores to see the inventory we have in one store. Our expertise in the mens clothing business will make your next clothing purchase easy and dare we say fun, shopping for a suit should not be stressful or a chore. The owners and all the staff have years and years in the business so there is no question we will make you look your best.



Here is a situation that every man has been in at one time or another there is an occasion coming up and you go try your suit on and it either doesn’t fit or you are just tired of wearing the same suit again. You have a decision to make, where will you buy your next suit? You can go to the deparment store with a coupon and a prayer hoping that there is someone to help you find a suit if you are lucky enough to find someone to help you chances are you know more about suits than them. They were probably working in the bedding section last week. Is this who you want to trust to make you look great in front of family and friends? Or do you want to go to one of those buy one get ten free places. Where you can walk out with much more generic ill fitting merchandise than you will ever use or need. “So what it’s free” right, do you really think they are giving anything away. I think there is only one choice, come to Ramani’s where the selection is next to none and the expert sales staff will treat you professionally. You can rest assured that you will look your best at a fair price, for that event that was important enough for you to go buy a new suit in the first place.


Sport Coats

Sport Coats are more than just those tweed jackets that you remember your grandfather wearing to church or that blue blazer with the shiny gold buttons that you were forced to wear as a young boy that made you feel like you were a ship captain. Sport coats have evolved into one of the most versatile items in a mans wardrobe. Fabrics range from Cashmeres to Linens and everything in between. The right jacket is one you can wear at any time and never feel over dressed or under dressed. A sport coat today will pair as well with jeans as it will with dress pants, khakis, or cords. Come in to Ramani’s and let us show you how many different looks you can get from this one “must have” clothing item.


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